the soundtrack to your cosy weekend, by norway's sassy 009

Featuring Clairo, King Krule, Blood Orange, Brian Eno, and T. Rex

by Frankie Dunn
08 November 2019, 4:21pm

Allow us to introduce you to Sunniva Lindgaard, the Oslo-based musician behind Sassy 009. Once a trio, Sunni took the reins on the project at the start of 2019 and is currently steering it solo and very much in the right direction. You might know Sassy 009 from playing the i-D stage at The Great Escape back in 2018, or the flute on this track, or generally making great music. Since then, singles 'Thrasher', 'Maybe In the Summer' and 'Are You Still A Lover?' have seen Sunni teeter beautifully somewhere between bedroom pop and melodic club tunes. A very good place to teeter.

As she gears up to release her KILL SASSY 009 EP on 22 November via LUFT Recordings, we called on Sunni to make us a mix. "If last week was a movie, this would’ve been the sound of it," she told us. "I’m dedicating this to a person I’ve been biking around with in Amsterdam for a week. Not a second with you feels wasted." Luckily, the soundtrack to this dream cycling date also happens to be the ideal fit for a sleepy November weekend. A heavy 80s influence sees LA's Drab Majesty and Cold Showers bleed into the sound of long-gone Norwegian band Montasje. i-D favourites Clairo, King Krule and Blood Orange make appearances too, as do Brian Eno and T.Rex. What a line-up!

Catch Sassy 009 live at London’s Courtyard Theatre on 14 November. We’ll be the ones lurking at the back of the room.

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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