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Hosted by i-D contributing editor Paloma Elsesser, this is The Squeeze -- let’s get into it.

by i-D Staff
18 September 2019, 3:28pm

Let's face it, regular chat shows are dry. From their obsession around creating viral content and memeable moments, to the guests who are there only to sell you something, the format doesn’t usually allow for important or vital conversations. We thought it was time for that to change.

Recruiting the talents of model, activist and i-D contributing editor Paloma Elsesser, may we introduce The Squeeze, our new chat show on Instagram. The Squeeze aims to re-write the rules and recalibrate the conversation away from the mundane and into something meaningful, funny and, tbh, watchable as hell.

For the first episode, which you can watch right now (!!!), Paloma met up with 22-year-old Alabamian rapper Chika, one of the most honest voices of this generation.

After going viral in 2018, following a searing and electric verse speaking out against Kanye West’s questionable politics, Chika has continuously proved herself to be an essential voice in today’s confusing muddled world. Later, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she took lawmakers in Alabama to task over the state’s controversial and restrictive abortion bill. It was, putting it simply, incredible.

Since all that she has appeared in a Calvin Klein campaign, shot by both Mario Sorrenti and Jonas Lindstroem, and in the latest issue of i-D. She’s also released new music, and become a symbol of resistance against an anodyne and sometimes problematic body positivity movement.

“I feel like the labels people place on me, like being brave, are oppressive,” she told Paloma. “Like, yes, praise the things that are worth being praised, but for me, existing in my body is not worthy of praise. I just don’t want there to be a problem with how I am. It’s unfair to live in a world where you feel like your body is standing in between everything. I want to cause a cultural shift, that’s the one thing I want.”

In the debut episode of The Squeeze, Paloma and Chika talk race, size, class and identity politics in the US, as well as battling fat-phobic comments in the media. Chika is “not here to make you love yourself”. She's “here to speak for the underdog” at a time when society champions loudmouthed braggadocio. Head over to Instagram to watch the whole video now!

This is The Squeeze – let’s get into it.

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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