can someone please help louis theroux upload a sound file to twitter?


by Georgie Wright
26 October 2017, 11:25am

Image via Twitter

Last night, everyone's favourite straight-faced documentarian Louis Theroux tweeted this:

The tweet he retweeted (and what he is pledging to record) is this:

This is not, as you may suspect, a commitment from Louis to undertake an investigative interview with Hannah about her transition from an IT expert to a cybergoth who believes Hull is a portal to Hell. Would watch though.

It's actually Louis's promise to record tweets from everyone's favourite pisstaking bot of everyone's favourite straight-faced documentarian, aloud, using his actual own voice. @LouisTherouxBot has been taking the twittersphere by storm with sensationalist reports from the frontline, ones that sound fairly similar to Louis's own undertakings but are, unfortunately, fictional. Some highlights:

After Louis's bold decision to whisper a bot's sweet nothings into a phone for the pleasure of our eardrums, we now bring you this breaking news:

Now can someone please help Louis Theroux figure out how to upload a sound file to Twitter?


The file is uploaded:

Louis Theroux
louis theroux bot