we're getting a documentary about fyre festival

May we suggest a title? "Lord of the Fyre Flies"

by Isabelle Hellyer
31 October 2017, 5:52am

Left: Fyre Festival's influencer marketing campaign, via Twitter. Right: The meals served on site at the festival, via Twitter.

Fyre Festival. It was a lot, wasn't it? A blissful moment of collective schadenfraude for everyone outside of Great Exuma, and a colossal disappointment for every paying customer on the island. Countless exposés followed the festival's profoundly shareable downfall, packed full of internal emails and leaked pitch decks revealing just how ill-prepared organisers truly were.

It wasn't long before disappointed attendees got litigious: Organisers Ja Rule and Billy McFarland are currently the subjects of a $100 million USD class-action lawsuit in California. In May, the New York Times reported that McFarland was under investigation by the FBI. (The 25-year-old was later charged with wire fraud).

Now, it's looking like even more insider information is about to go public. Billboard has announced a documentary series that will take a look at the still-ongoing investigations into the would-be luxury event. In their announcement, Billboard promised to share "thousands of emails from Fyre staff that foreshadowed its forthcoming downfall, material from attendees on the ground at the event site, news articles and investigative journalism."

They're working with the production company Cinemart and media brand Mic on the project — Mic being one of the first sites to share explosive internal emails which proved company executives were aware of the disaster that was to come.

Fyre Festival promised a "luxury experience" with $1 million of buried treasure on a "private Island" in the Bahamas, with a lineup that included Blink-182 and G.O.O.D Music. Some ticketing and accommodation packages cost as much as $250,000 — which remarkably, people paid. Wonder if they'll get a discount on this doco...

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