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by Felix Petty
15 March 2017, 4:05pm

What we're looking forward to this week: Jenny Holzer at Blenheim Palace
Opening this September, wordy neo-conceptualist Jenny Holzer is bringing her inimitable poetry to Blenheim Palace. Which Wikipedia tell us, is the seat of the Duke of Marlborough, the birthplace of Winston Churchill, and the only non-royal, non-religious house in Britain to the hold the suffix of Palace. So what's Jenny got planned? A series of new works, site specific plays on the Palace's history, some LED poems, and a lil bit of VR too. Sounds lovely. Put it in your diaries. More information here

Dance moves of the week: Lorde at SNL
More Lorde news! This time, bringing her magical new song, Green Light, to the set of Saturday Night Live, and breaking out some absolute meme-worthy dance moves which we can't get enough of <3.

Limited edition print sale of the week: Gosha Rubchinskiy
Happen to be in Tokyo this weekend? Well lucky you. Muscovite multi-hyphenate designer-photographer-youth whisperer Gosha Rubchinskiy is bringing his photographic works to IDEA's DSM Ginza outpost for a flash sale of five photographic prints and five screen prints, taking in the varied images he's created throughout his career. 

Film of the week: Get Out
Marnie from Girls takes her new boyf down to see her parents, who live upstate. Her new boyf happens to be black, but she hasn't mentioned that to them. Shouldn't be a problem right? Wrong. Turns out Marnie from Girls and her parents are on some weird, racist, cult, immortality vibe. Which doesn't really sit well with the new boyf. No more spoilers. It's out this Friday. Go see it.

Pop up of the week: Fiorucci at Selfridges
Fiorucci's making us all hardcore again. Continuing their revamp/relaunch/resurrection with a pop-up stall at Selfridges opening tomorrow. Inventor of skinny jeans. Creator of iconic adverts. Get your cherubs out for the lads, get down Selfridges, and get your hands on a lil bit of fashion history.

Lyle Ashton Harris, Lyle, London (1992). Image courtesy the artist.

Exhibitions of the week: The Whitney Biennial and J.W.Anderson at The Hepworth Gallery
A double header this week. Two exhibitions of course being better than one. So as J Dubz takes the fash pack up north for his display of all the various ways fashion, sculpture, art and bodies cross over, or if you happen to be in New York, you can brave the #blizzard and head out to the Whitney Biennial for a lot of lovely art. Both will be good. Go to both. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Book of the week: Sarah Mower's London Uprising
Celebrate London this week, with Sarah Mower and Tania Fares' new book, London Uprising; a tribute to the wild, weird, magical, mysterious, talented, and visionary designers who make London such a fashion forward place. From big brands working out of big historic houses to big dreamers working out of Seven Sisters studios, it's got a little bit of everything, a little bit for everyone. Buy it, buy two! Buy it by clicking on this link. Treat yourself. You deserve it.


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