shall we dance? get lost in the rhythm of gucci’s pre-fall campaign video

The Glen Luchford-lensed campaign fuses the vibrant essence of Northern Soul with the soulful dandyism and black masculinity of Malick Sidibé.

by Created with Gucci
02 May 2017, 10:15am

You've sneaked a peek at Gucci's recently released pre-fall campaign images, and now we can reveal the equally exquisite campaign video.

Shot by the inimitable Glen Luchford and titled Soul Scene, the video takes place at some kind of otherworldly dancehall party, filled with a gorgeous cast of models and groovers, as they dance the night away. A kaleidoscopic feast for the senses, the video was inspired by both the energy of the 60s Northern Soul subculture in the north of the UK, and Alessandro Michele's visit to the Made You Look exhibition on dandyism and black masculinity at The Photographer's Gallery in London last year. The playful, graphic portraiture of Malian photographer Malick Sidibé caught Michele's eye in particular, with its documentation of nightlife and youth culture in his hometown of Bamako. 

A feast for the senses, the video goes a step further than most other campaigns, having been shot in 360°, allowing you to experience the ebullient night for yourself. So dust off those dancing shoes, grab a partner, and get ready to lose yourself in the rhythm of Soul Scene, dragging the screen left, right, up or down to experience the night in virtual reality.

Created with Gucci.

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