Photography Bobrowiec

chromat paid ode to our favorite bodega snacks

For its fall/winter 18 show, the New York brand featured poetry by Jahmal B. Golden, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, and mesh pants accessoried with cans of Red Bull.

by Hannah Ongley
11 February 2018, 8:03pm

Photography Bobrowiec

“Escape can be going to Hawaii or it can be going to the deli,” Becca McCharen said backstage after the Chromat show, where exhilarated models flexed for cameras and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos littered the floor. The spicy bodega snack was fashion week’s most fun accessory thus far. Some models munched on them with neon-blue lipstick-lined mouths and others wore bags strapped to their hips with bungee cords. “I was thinking about that feeling of taking what you deserve and eating what you want,” Becca continued. “Not that I’m sponsored by Cheetos, but I wish I was.” Chromat doesn’t exactly need a corporate boost from Frito-Lay. The success of Becca’s decade-old brand has proven that confidence is a very valuable asset.

Feel-good junk food was an interesting pivot from last season for Chromat, when Becca approached self-care in the form of rocks, salt baths, and meditation. What you deserve, though, isn’t just found at the bodega. Chromat argues it can be demanding the same salary as your white male coworker, or, fighting for safety in the workplace. In fact, asking for what you want was the theme of a special poem, titled “Lick Your Lips, Sis,” written for Becca by Jahmal B. Golden. The non-binary model and poet also had a say in their runway look: an electric-blue bralette and a matching satiny sweatpant featuring mesh pockets that held cans of sugary energy drinks. “I won’t be the sorry girl / who forgot the gum and extras,” Jahmal’s poem read. “You know the one, she only came to the hike to pack a goodie bag, sipping sweet in the back of the line.”

Becca explained that Jahmal’s poem and look explored feeling responsible for the comfort of others. “Part of the poem was being that person who always has something for someone else and is always carrying things for other people and giving to other people,” Becca said.

Hiking and outdoor adventure are also forms of escape. They were winked at in the aforementioned bungee cords holding snacks. The cords were also used as laces on a personal collection highlight: chaps-like pants in a brilliant peach hue, Cheeto-orange, and sucker-punch scarlet. More new developments for the unabashedly spandex-loving brand included a bungee-strap mesh singlet in neon-green, and a pair of pink flared chaps on Slayrizz, who hit the runway for a high-voltage performance.

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