​leomie anderson is using her platform to give a voice to the unheard

As her female-focused LAPP platform continues to create a safe space for women to share their perspectives and experiences online, the model turned activist tells us how fashion and conversation can empower.

by Charlotte Gush
26 April 2017, 1:50pm

"I've had women of all ages tell me how thankful they are to have a platform that puts women's needs and voices first, and it's really pushed me to keep progressing and growing the community that is LAPP," Leomie Anderson explains over email. After an open letter she wrote discussing the issue of consent and the right to say "no" went viral, the South London-born model decided to turn discourse into action by launching LAPP last year.

Standing for Leomie Anderson, the Project, the Purpose, her site, and the accompanying capsule collection all aim to promote confidence and unity among young women.

After six months of community growth and the site set to relaunch soon, Leomie celebrates just how far LAPP has come by sharing a shoot and video that shines the spotlight on the women society too frequently ignores. Leomie wants anyone who encounters LAPP to learn something and leave inspired. She's picked a cast of women who all have something important to say, featuring Kelly Knox, Bree Runway, Juno Dawson, and Leah Alexxanderr-Caine. As we exclusively share the campaign's new visuals, shot by Philipp Raheem and KC Andre, Leomie talks us through the past, present, and future of LAPP.

Congratulations on six months of LAPP! What are your highlights so far?
Thank you! It's been such a crazy time managing both LAPP and modeling, but the highlight has to be getting tweets, emails, and people coming up to me in the street saying how much they love and support LAPP. I've had women of all ages tell me how thankful they are to have a platform that puts women's needs and voices first and it's really pushed me to keep progressing and growing the community around LAPP.

Could you tell us about the most important contributions to the LAPP blog?
We have submissions covering everything from sex to careers, but the posts I know some women desperately need are the ones on issues like mental health and domestic violence. Some women choose to come forward anonymously to discuss these subjects and give great advice along with links to other sites that have helpful information. I know for a fact these are conversations need to be continuously featured on the site. I know they're helping people because although people may not publicly share them on their social media, they get a lot of reads and that means something to me.

What was it like being on set at the latest diversity campaign shoot?
My latest campaign shoot was all about picking women that the fashion industry and society often try to erase. From Kelly Knox, who is a disabled model, to Bree Runway, a singer who was once bullied badly for being dark skinned, I wanted to show people that LAPP really is for everyone. We want to represent women who are unapologetically themselves. It was weird being both in front and behind the camera, but it was such a great day and being around so many strong, beautiful women was a magical moment.

What does the future hold?
I'm going to be relaunching the site very soon to showcase people's blog submissions better. Because a better site means better readership and I owe it to the writers to get their voices heard by as many people as possible! I'm working on my next three drops for the clothing side and it's taking the entire brand to another level. I can't wait to release them! I want to be able to hold LAPP talks and workshops by the end of the year too — anything that can connect and inspire more women. Although it's difficult managing the brand alone, I know that I have many young women looking at me as a role model and strive to provide a community where we can all help one another. 



Text Charlotte Gush
Photography Philipp Raheem
Director KC Andre
Make-up Saphia Hunjan

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