snoop takes on the infamous iguana vs snake scene in plizzanet earth 2

The greatest Planet Earth scene of our generation just got even better.

by Frankie Dunn
13 June 2017, 2:31pm

As you know, the best moment in Planet Earth 2 was the horror movie-esque iguana vs snake chase from the Islands episode. It's literally all we spoke about in November, and hell, some people were still talking about it in February of this year, dissecting just how it was shot. Jimmy Kimmel's producers know what's up, calling in well-known animal commentator Snoop to bring back the traumatic memories and have us relive the intensity all over again.

"Let's watch some more animals," Snoop begins, like a fun substitute teacher for total icon David Attenborough. Introducing us to a gang of "straight asshole" racer snakes, we witness the reptiles displaying raptor-like hunting methods in attempt to catch a marine iguana hatchling that we instantly bond with. "You can tell the way they look at you, they plotting right now," he tells us. As they gang up on the fleeing iguana baby, fresh out of its safe and sandy nest, Snoop warns him to, "get outta there man, go!", before voicing our exact thoughts through the rest of the ordeal. "They twistin' theyselves. Find it! Find a loophole! You gotta find your way to the top of the mountain now nephew!" It's like he's in our heads.

Our favourite bit is when the Cali rapper and famed zoot tooter notes that the iguana escaped because, "Snakes can't do all that cause they ain't got hands." Snoop for Attenborough's deputy! Snoop for president!

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