i-D and Make Up For Ever present the guide to making a statement

Young women today can do whatever they want, be whoever they want, look however they want. You can have your voice heard by millions without leaving your bedroom. You can start a revolution from nothing, as long as you stand for something. In...

by Created with MAKE UP FOR EVER
04 October 2016, 4:55pm


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Director Mollie Mills
Director of Photography Jordan Buck
Camera Operator Tav Murphy
Assistant Camera Cameron Bertron
Photographer Keith E. Morrison
Sound Dale Bigall
Makeup Justine Sweetman
Hair Stylist Dina Calabro
Wardrobe Lester Garcia
Wardrobe Assistant David Parnell
Production Assistant Luke Heater
Production Assistant Ethan Greenfield
Editor Laura Cairney-Keize
Colorist Tim Smith at ETC
Sound Union Brian Goodhearted
Sound Design and Mix Dan Larkin
Equipment ProCam
Expendables ROOT Studios
Music Joe Chessen
i-D Team
Creative Director Bunny Kinney
Creative Charlotte Japp
Art Director Natalie Moreno
Producer Shelby Bryant
Special thanks
Art Hoe Collective
House of Yes
Gary's Loft
The Boswijk
Peche Di at Trans Models
Mark Schwietering at ProCam
Mike Damico at ROOT
Anajah Hamilton
Apple Drysdale
Cassandra Thompson
Dounia Tazi
Esther Morais
Gabrielle Richardson
Grace Ahlbom
Jasmine Kim
Kate Cudbertson
Krystall Schott
Seashell Coker

Guide to Making a Statement