'street, sound and style' episode three: grunge

The third episode of our history of British style tribes takes a look at grunge, and the fashion inspired by style mags in the 90s.

by i-D Staff
20 July 2015, 1:45pm


Writer, Director & Narrator
Ewen Spencer
Oz Thakkar
Executive Producer
Ravi Amaratunga
Clive Martin
Director of Photography
Robin Horn
Julian Fletcher
Edit Assistant
Steve Atkins
Sound Recordist
Shaun Savage
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Tom Carpenter
Ben Hoy Slot
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George Thompson
Russell Rowe
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Ed Railton
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Yasser Rahman
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Kristina Britton
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Joe Scantlebury
Senior Researcher
Eve Shillingford
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Nikita Andrianova
Researchers & Transcribers
Marta Henriquez
Nelson Ekaragha
Lawrence Williams
Elaine Constantine
Richie Deeney
Mariko Doi
Tara St. Hill
Adam Howe
Global Group Director, Film & Video Ravi Amaratunga
Head of Creative Bunny Kinney
Head of Video Jack Robinson
Video Commissioning Editor Declan Higgins
Production Manager Diane Tellarini
Production Coordinator Tom Ivin
Music Supervisor Amy Ashworth
Additional Editor Joon Goh
Executive Producer for We Folk
Olivia Gideon Thomson
Special Thanks
Richard Abedon
Rob Baker Ashton
Azimuth Post Production
Rhiannon Barry
Tim Bell & Izzi Von Kohler
Larry Clark
Elaine Constantine
Patrick Demarchelier
Greg Fay
Lukas Gimpel
Declan Higgins
Mike Judge
Danny Lyons
David Markey
Paul Mcallister
Asha McClean
Derek Ridgers
Oscar Sam-Carrol Jnr
David Sims
Juergen Teller
Mario Testino
Wolfgang Tillmans
Jack Youern
With thanks to the Corinne Day Estate - excerpt from "Corinne Day, 'Diary'" directed by Mark Szaszy
Series Director
Ewen Spencer
Series Producer
Oz Thakkar
Series Executive Producer
Ravi Amaratunga

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