introducing body type, your friday hit of garage-pop sweetness

In their new video ‘Ludlow’ they’re asking questions about life, love and peroxide.

by Wendy Syfret
14 October 2016, 1:21am

We've been crushing hard on Sydney band Body Type since they first emailed us their clip for Ludlow. Who wouldn't fall for a band whose primary topics are heartbreak and the banality of life in a mouldy Redfern terrace? While the band is still milk fresh, members Sophie, Annabel, Georgia and Cecil have been friends for years but only recently found themselves all in the same city. Self taught and free flowing, their signature scuzzy lo-fi pop sound comes courtesy of cheap and borrowed gear and an attic recording studio.

In an email to i-D they explained "Body Type live by a very literal D.I.Y ethos." Although they add that for them the Y doesn't stand for "yourself," but rather "yourself + all of your sweet talented creative pals".

The video for Ludlow follows their usual work-it-out-as-you-go logic. Filmed over 24 hours, the band explain they set up a green screen, grabbed some wigs, applied some rainbow filters, assumed some alter-egos and journeyed around Sydney in a friend's 1975 Corolla, "wishfully thinking that a plot line might reveal itself somewhere along the way."

They sign off with a simple wish: "We hope it spawns as many unanswerable questions about life, love and peroxide in you, dear viewer, as it did in us."



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