visit a terrifying future with corin’s dystopian new video

For VOID, the rising electro star teamed up with artist Tristan Jalleh to explore robotic dehumanisation and warn us about the dangers of digital utopias.

by Wendy Syfret
04 October 2016, 1:25am

In her new video for VOID, classical pianist turned rising electro star CORIN calls on her ongoing fascination with broken images of the future. A long time devotee to nightmarish fantasies, she described a recent mix for i-D as music for "a dystopian future, hell on earth." Continuing with her pet theme for the second track off her upcoming EP Virtuality, she called on video artist Tristan Jalleh to create a virtual world framed in a "recycled dystopian future."

Pretty quickly it became apparent the two were a match made in heaven — or rather hell — and shared an interest in what CORIN describes as "robotic dehumanisation." For anyone not caught up with their transhumanist theory, she explains it as "the increasing normalisation of our intimate connections with technology that begs us to question where we end and the machine begins."

The clip's dark fluorescent illuminations are presented as the perspective of a programer interacting with an artificial world of their own creation, where reality is malleable. Beyond being a stunning way to spend three minutes, it's also a meditation on personal social isolation and the possible consequences of investing our hopes in digital utopias. 


Image by Phebe Schmidt

Video Premiere
Tristan Jalleh