versus versace hits london

The Italian brand will be showing its autumn/winter 15 collection tonight, and you can livestream and “buy now” too.

by Stuart Brumfitt
14 May 2015, 3:00pm

At 9pm in London tonight, designer Anthony Vaccarello will be unveiling his first collection as the permanent Creative Director of Versus Versace, and if your name's not down you can always watch the livestream below. The brand are pushing their "show now, buy now, wear now" concept, so get your click finger ready to shop as soon as you see a look you like. In advance of the show, i-D caught up with Vaccarello to find out about Brit Pop references, their upcoming Redchurch Street store and how it feels to be the full-time force behind Versus.

The new collection will be available to buy immediately online after the show. Is that a major challenge, or just the new way of fashion? It's a good way of stopping copycat designs!
The idea is brilliant. Usually when you see a dress in a magazine you have to wait six months in order to buy it. With Versus it's available immediately.

Can you tell us about some of the inspirations for the collection? From the few images I've seen, it looks like there is still plenty of sexy, slick black, but also tartan and military.
The fall winter collection is very 90s Brit Pop inspired. It is young, radical, respectful of heritage and pushing forwards into the future. Asymmetry runs throughout for women, head to toe black tailoring whether it's a tuxedo for women or a buckled blazer for men. Printed denim is crucial and tartan is revolutionised. Versus is the rebellious heart of Versace and I want it to be truly creative and full of ideas. I think of Versus Versace as the home for fresh ideas and new possibilities. Versus has always been rock, graphic and cool to me. 

Being Belgian-Italian, how does it feel working for a big Italian brand? Is it nice having greater connection with Italy and "Italianness"?
I'm a Belgian designer, actually born and raised in Brussels but with Italian origin. I think Gianni Versace influenced every designer who grew up in the 90s, including myself. So it's not because of Italy but because it touches and reaches everyone. When Donatella approached me I felt it was the best proposition I ever received so far. I couldn't resist.

Why do you think you're such a good fit for Versus?
It was very natural. Donatella gave me total freedom on it. We share the same vision, but have a different interpretation. Of course she's always in the studio checking every detail but she respects my vision and I loves it. When we first met, Donatella finished my sentences and I finished hers. It was really funny because we both love and hate the same kind of things. We have a similar love for structure in common. And also for detail. 

I hear you are opening a store on Redchurch Street. Can you give us some more details? Why did you choose this street/area?
This area is perfect for Versus, the same spirit! 

Who is the dream Versus girl (famous or not)?
She is my friend, she is someone you can find everywhere, she's not famous, but she also can be!



Photography Collier Schorr 
Fashion Director Alastair McKimm

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