​the guerilla exhibition promoting women artists on the doorstep of frieze

TAKE! EAT! will exhibit the work of 16 female artists as a counterpoint to the “disproportionate amount of male artists championed and exhibited in the art world”.

07 October 2015, 5:45pm

Evangeline as Andy Warhol in Drag -- Evangeline Ling, Photography Cary Kwok

Sixteen London-based, as yet unrepresented women artists are staging a guerilla group show titled TAKE! EAT! for three days at St. Marylebone Parish Church during, and on the doorstep of, the Frieze Art Fair. Curated by artists and curators Diana Chire and MC Llamas, the show will include work by photographer Scarlett Carlos Clarke, artist and model Evangeline Ling, contemporary artist Boo Saville and more.

"MC [Llamas] and I met in March and began discussing an all female show almost immediately," co-curator Diana Chire told i-D. "We both felt that its been explored in great depth as to what a male artist can be, but we have only scratched the surface as to what the possibilities are as a bold female artist. We are all making great work, but as unrepresented artists it's hard to get your work seen and exhibited. MC and I decided to organise our own show with our contemporaries addressing everything from gender to sexuality and interrelated social inequities," Chire explains.

Sue, 2004 by Michal Cole

Kiss of Betrayal, 2010 by Lorna May Wadsworth

A release about the art show clarifies that it is a positive showcase of the work of women artists, not a negative statement: "After acknowledging the disproportionate amount of male artists championed and exhibited in the art world, Chire and Llamas' exhibition isn't a negative rebuttal to the role of the female artist, but a positive showcase of practicing contemporaries who create exciting and vital work. By taking matters in their own hands and creating an arena for women in the contemporary art world, TAKE! EAT! revives the spirit of Damien Hirst's legendary 1988 exhibition Freeze, creating a new mosaic of renegades, mediums and an audaciously unforgettable show".

TAKE! EAT! Exhibition is at St. Marylebone Parish Church 14 -- 16 October 2015



Text Charlotte Gush
Photography courtesy