​arca wrote a brilliant pop song

Desafío may be a club track with a sweet vocal, but the video sees Arca dragged backwards through the woods by four heavies, wearing a black leather straightjacket, suspenders and thigh-high boots. Some things never change, thank goodness.

by Charlotte Gush
10 April 2017, 2:40pm

Following the release of his self-titled new album last Friday, Arca has revealed a new video for Desafío, which translates as 'Challenge' or 'Defiance'. The track is as close to a straight up pop-dance song as Arca has made, with building sirens and synths layered under his sweet vocal, but the video is as wonderfully weird and raw as Anoche and Reverie -- the first two instalments of a trio that Desafío completes.

The video opens on Arca prone on the ground in a black leather straightjacket and his signature suspenders and thigh-high boots as blue lights flash and sirens build. Dragged backwards across the dirt, he then finds himself in a woodland clearing as four benign gangsters stare down at him, unmoved by his stumbling and clinging to them. In Anoche, Arca danced sombrely at the apparent scene of a massacre, and in Reverie he played both sides of a bullfight, wearing a matador jacket and hooved animatronic bull's legs.

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Tickets for Arca and Jesse Kanda's headline Roundhouse show on 28 April are on sale now.


Text Charlotte Gush