courtney love rewrites her bio as #alternativefacts

The Hole singer is trolling Donald Trump's press secretary in the best way — by trolling herself.

by Hannah Ongley
23 January 2017, 9:32pm

The White House's most passionate music critic, Sean Spicer, inspired the internet to rewrite history when he attempted to explain inauguration crowd sizes using what Kellyanne Conway called "alternative facts." We're not sure if Spicer is familiar with Courtney Love the way he is with Daft Funk and their no-good, totally immature helmets. But those who do know the Hole singer's story are very much enjoying the 100% alternatively true biography she wrote to troll the Trump administration on Sunday.

"My name is Courtney Love, I was born with that name in 1992," Love tweeted along with the hashtag #alternative facts. "I mostly remind people of Grace Kelly or Jackie O. with my manners and polish...." Subsequent chapters in her alternative autobiography involve going to Yale, majoring in Japanese history, discovering trap music, learning fluent Greek and Latin, and abstaining from any and all illicit substances.

The (hopefully) forthcoming memoir has already received rave reviews from Love's daughter Frances Bean. We like to think that her dear friend Carrie Fisher — a powerful symbol of the resistance both in life and in passing — would be equally proud. 


Text Hannah Ongley
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Make-up Mally Roncal
[i-D, The Insider Issue, No. 236. October 2003]

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