virtual alien announces new oneohtrix point never album

If you follow the online treasure hunt to an alien called Ezra, you'll find the new LP's release date.

by i-D Team
20 August 2015, 4:25am

Finding the details of Oneohtrix Point Never's new album isn't easy, but it sure is fun. You're forced down an internet rabbit hole, but rewarded with loads of info on the upcoming LP. 

Here's how the journey goes: first, you're on Oneohtrix Point Never's website (real name, Daniel Lopatin) and you find this PDF, titled 'to the fans'. In the document, Daniel explains that his plan to record some "dank new tunes" last year didn't work out, but he did meet a nice "humanoid alien" called Ezra. Daniel's PDF includes an interesting Q-and-A filled out by Ezra, which includes a link to this blog. It's meant to be Ezra the Alien's blog, and it includes an interview with Daniel about the new record. Apparently, "the questions were put together by some 20 some odd OPN fans from around the world via e-mail." Here's a real gem from the conversation:

Ezra: How was it working with Les Claypool?

Daniel: I didn't work with Les Claypool.

E: So what is all the bass made of?

D: Software.

The interview covers important information too, namely that the album is called Garden of Delete ("G.O.D. for short") and will be released in November. A few titles were also revealed: Sticky Drama, I Bite Through It and Ezra. Read entire the alien chat here.


Photography Piero Martinetti

Oneohtrix Point Never