​diplo remixes rihanna, thinks his way is better

Major Lazer main man takes on Bitch Better Have My Money after saying he should get his own way on Rihanna's song production.

by Charlotte Gush
14 May 2015, 12:09pm

LA DJ and producer Diplo has released a beefed-up, effect-heavy version of Rihanna's trap hit Bitch Better Have My Money in a re-edit he worked on with Mad Decent label-mate Grandtheft. The remix add swirling synths, reeling sirens and heavier beats, along with bells, gun catch and snare effects.

Rihanna may be one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, with one of the most-anticipated albums of the year up her sleeve, but Diplo isn't afraid to admit he thinks his ideas for her music are better than her own. Speaking to the Evening Standard earlier this month, the Major Lazer main man said, "I was in the studio with Rihanna two weeks ago, still playing the game. I was trying to convince her why she should do so-and-so, and thinking, '[Major Lazer track] Lean On is bigger than any of her songs around the world right now. Why am I even sitting here trying to negotiate?'" We're sure multi-platinum megastar Riri is pretty Unapologetic about the superiority of her musical choices.