childish gambino is throwing a vr screening party for awaken, my love!

Here's how you can win tickets.

by Frankie Dunn
10 May 2017, 2:35pm

Taking time out from shooting the second season of his "Twin Peaks with rappers" sitcom baby Atlanta, playing young Lando in the forthcoming Star Wars film, and preparing for his role as Simba in the live action remake of The Lion King, Childish Gambino is putting on a party for his London fans. 

Yes, we're well aware that Awaken, My Love! came out back in December, but luckily for those who like their music to come with futuristic imagery, the record is having a Virtual Reality vinyl release. The package comes with a 3D viewer so you can dive headfirst into all that beautiful 360° footage shot at Gambino's PHAROS concert in Joshua Tree last summer, when he performed the release in full for the very first, and currently only, time.

But enough of that. Want to come to a party where things look like they're happening all around you? Where the drinks are free and the music supplied by your favorite musician? House of Vans is hosting, the tickets are free, and they're available here. The ballot opens today, so cross your fingers and hopefully we'll see you there. 


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