what we learnt from adele's bbc one special

25 is out and tonight the i-D cover star is on the beeb for a special TV programme celebrating Britain's best singer.

20 November 2015, 12:55pm

As much as we enjoyed reading Adele's i-D cover interview for The Here and Now Issue, there's nothing quite like hearing the superstar talk about the last three years, punctuated with her infectious laugh, and interspersed with her belting out new tracks from 25 and old classics from the archives. Tonight Adele stars in Adele At The BBC, a one-off special to celebrate her triumphant return, and here's a few things we learnt watching it.

1. Adele thanks a degree of her success to Republican politician Sarah Palin. Had it not been for her appearance on Saturday Night Live the same week, prompting large swathes of the USA to tune in, two weeks before the Grammy ballot, the star may never has received such recognition across the pond.

2. She may have gained a reputation for being elusive since releasing her last album, but she's been out and about every day "I've been to every museum, every park, every supermarket every shopping centre. What do you think I do on a rainy day with my kid? I don't lock him up inside!"

3. Was she tempted to put Skyfall on the album? "Actually we did talk about it, during a dry period!"

4. Keen eared fans may have noticed Skyfall was lower than her other tracks, which was down to her pregnancy. "In my pregnancy my voice got a lot lower, that's why Skyfall is so low. I couldn't get up there."

5. Whilst her voice may have returned to normality post-pregnancy, it isn't the same as it was during the last album. She can hit a wider range of notes: "I can sing a lot higher than I used to, and a lot lower."  

6. Your new favourite track off the album A Million Years Ago was sparked after driving past London's Brockwell Park and a reflection on her youth.

7. There was a moment when she thought she wouldn't return. "I got really worried that I was never going to make anything anyone would like again." Today's album release certainly puts those concerns to rest.

8. Rumour has it Adele was such a big Gabrielle fan at school she wore an eyepatch. The truth? "I had conjunctivitis... but it was a bit of a fangirl moment." Not all rumours circulating are false though, the singer is not allowed access to her own Twitter account, thanks to her penchant for "drunk tweeting" a long time ago. 


Photography Alasdair McLellan
Fashion Director Alastair McKimm