​rihanna drops cryptic, penultimate album teaser

She backs away from the money men and finds her baby-self in the latest short film.

by Charlotte Gush
05 January 2016, 6:29pm

Rihanna has opened Room 7 of the immersive experience she created in collaboration with theatre company Punchdrunk and Samsung to promote her very, very long-awaited and near-desperagtely-anticipated eighth studio album ANTi.

Appearing like a sassy sea creature in a draped, petrol blue, wet-look dress and trouser combination with sequins, feathered arms, Rihanna walks into a waiting room where a stern receptionist points her into a money counting room. You have to visit the site on your smartphone to get the full experience, with extra video content of the dystopian money-room nightmare, exclusive content for Samsung users and an app to put your face on the golden coins.

"A beautiful prison blinds. This place is not her end. Another gold fills her eyes," reads text on, before you see Rihanna turn from the money men and return to the child with a crown who features as her baby-self on the album artwork.

The previous video -- of Rihanna walking through a room full of men and being shocked by invisible waves that seem to pass over them -- was released two weeks ago, so fingers crossed Room 8 is on its way and the album soon after!