fka twigs shares new documentary capturing her baltimore dance project

The film follows Twigs as she brings a community of fans together to dance in Baltimore, cutting through the media's negative stereotypes about the area.

by Ryan White
07 December 2016, 7:27pm

Just before her headline show in Baltimore this July, FKA twigs put out a message on social media, inviting her fans in the area to a free dance workshop at local venue Lithuanian Hall. During a politically turbulent time, and on one of the hottest days of the year, Twigs wanted to creatively connect with and bring a sense of unity to the people of Baltimore. She also wanted to celebrate the city's talented and creative dancers on stage at her forthcoming show.

The workshop — which was five hours long and 400-people strong — was captured beautifully in black and white in a moving, nine-minute documentary infused with the heat, creativity, and energy of the city and its people. Entitled Baltimore Dance Project, the video is also accompanied by an interview in which Twigs explains her vision for the project.

"Over the past couple of years, Baltimore has always seemed to be in the news for really sad and tragic things," Twigs says. "When I was thinking about doing a dance project, the obvious places would be L.A. or New York, but I thought, 'why not go to a place that obviously has so much soul?'"

Watch the full documentary, directed by Nick Walker, here.


Text Ryan White
Photography Jamie-James Medina

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