talking craft, culture, and creativity ​with fashion’s favorite designers

With fashion week on the horizon, we look back at just a few of the industry icons to have graced the cover of i-D, and revisit pearls of wisdom.

by Matthew Whitehouse and i-D Staff
09 February 2017, 11:00pm

Tom Ford, The Man and Beast Issue No. 211
I'm one of those people who has a vision. Maybe it's the wrong vision, maybe it's not your vision, but it's my vision. I always know instantly: yes, no, I like it, I hate it. It's very easy for me. My job is just that all day long, expressing my vision in some way or another.

Stefano Pilati, The Artisan Issue No. 290
To do a collection is to communicate something in a language. It could be a visual language, a tangible concrete language, or a formal language … It's constant research. I always want to do something off-balance, to question for instance what will happen if I change the proportion of the sleeves, raise the waist instead of lower it, or it I cut the curve on the hips of a pant ten-sizes bigger.

Miuccia Prada, The Pain and Pleasure Issue No. 298
Having seen many ideologies in my lifetime, it's difficult to comprehend our world from a simple perspective. I still think the culture and history of the past are important tools for analyzing the present and making comparisons. For example, in my work I enjoy analyzing how women's relationships with their bodies has changed. I like to think about Cleopatra's life, why prostitutes wear red and high heels, or why nuns wear black. I want to understand what has remained, and how people see and perceive things… In fact, my job is to create a story about others.

Victoria Beckham, The Whatever the Weather Issue No. 317
I've made it clear to everybody that I work with that there's a difference between Victoria Beckham and the fashion brand, and Victoria and David Beckham. There's a big, big difference and the product really has to speak for itself. That's the first bit of advice Marc Jacobs ever gave me. He said, "People can say it's not their personal taste, but if it's the best quality it can be then no one can say it's rubbish."

Vivienne Westwood, The Royalty Issue No. 318
I'm a born optimist like everybody is. One has to pretend that there is a chance, even if you don't believe it. I don't need to pretend. I just have to hope. Without hope, we wouldn't do anything.

Raf Simons, The Lights, Camera, Action Issue No. 319
With your own ideas, you don't have to limit yourself. Very often I communicate ideas knowing that there is no specific outcome. Fashion is not there to educate you, but to challenge you. Sometimes I speak with young kids and I have the feeling… not that they have no interest, but that they look at it in a different way. This is the reason I chose to do fashion, to create a dialogue and bring people together.

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