molly goddard revisited her past and explored the v&a archive at fashion in motion

As the beloved London designer presented her "Fashion in Motion" show on Friday, we headed backstage.

by Felix Petty
10 July 2017, 1:40pm

Molly Goddard's shows are always a family affair, the young designer ropes in her mum, Sarah Edwards, to design the sets, and her sister Alice to style and help with the casting. It's a rare treat for a show to be so inclusive, jolly, and joyful, especially in such grandiose surroundings as the V&A.

But Molly -- the latest designer to present as part of the institution's Fashion in Motion programme -- has always been a creator of a world that feels free of fashion's usual restrictions. Her model's dance, and sip tea, and do life drawing, they banquet and make sandwiches, and generally behave as most models don't. Molly's boundary-less approach is perfect for Fashion in Motion, which is now open to the public.

In the just-opened new Sainsbury Wing of the old institution, Molly revisited her past, and dug her way through the V&A's archive to create a capsule collection that referenced some of the museum's most iconic objects.

So there was the magnificent and ginormous Melville House State Bed, reimagined by her mum, as the centrepiece of the set. And a room stuffed full of "Wedgwood" china, another of sculptures. It was a playful backdrop for the new collection, which was in part inspired by the V&A collection; featuring soft-punk tartans, arts and crafts-esque floral prints, and shapes sketched out from objects she found in the museum.

"The V&A is a place I grew up loving and return to for inspiration time and again. The museum is home to an unparalleled range of artifacts, many of which focus on craft and painstaking hand-work presented alongside practical everyday objects," Molly said. A quote that could also apply to Molly's trademark tulle mastery; cascading, flowing, falling, stately, stunning, and electrifying.

There's something quite romantic at the heart of Molly's work, something that sweeps you up along with it; an honesty that keeps its most dramatic elements real rather than ridiculous. It helps that her casting is rooted in reality, diverse and happy, an under-appreciated statement among the big drama of fashion.  

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Text Felix Petty
Photography Alina Negoita

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