what do women want?

The biggest ever survey of UK women begins today.

by Matthew Whitehouse
08 March 2016, 1:09pm

What do you want? Health? Happiness? A guest appearance on Kanye West's Wolves? A Twix? Because that's the question being put to the UK's female population today, in attempt to find out what matters most to women in 2016. Twenty years on from the original What Women Want survey, which gathered the views of 10,000 women via the distribution of 1 million postcards, the new question will run for four months online, giving women up and down the country a chance to voice their opinion and support other people's answers. Sue Tibballs, OBE and founder of the initiative says: "In 1996 the priorities expressed by women made for powerful reading and showed how female perspectives could be different to the dominant views heard in society. Then and now, it's important that we know women's opinions on all issues, not just those deemed to be women's issues - that's an incredibly important distinction and one that we think has the potential to create the world's most powerful conversation about change." The campaign culminates this July with the release of the findings and you can find out more about it all by clicking here.


Photography Lulu Lovering

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