north west to paparazzi: "i said no pictures!"

Seriously, there are middle-aged men dedicating their lives to photographing a two-year-old girl and that's not okay.

by i-D Staff
29 October 2015, 12:36am

As two-year-old North West arrived at ballet class with a nanny yesterday, she was surrounded by at least twenty dudes all gearing to grab a photo - and mother Kim wasn't even by her side. "I said no pictures!" North told the crowd of grown men and her Nanny repeated the sentiment for her. On one hand, North's a total badass, and it's pretty adorable to see her tell off a crowd of people triple her size but it's also pretty upsetting. North will likely never have much semblance of a normal life. She's a celebrity child who has no choice but to endure the adults with cameras who follow her every move. We won't share the video itself, but if you must you can find it here.

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Image via @KimKardashian

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