@commentcasanovas is the instagram vigilante exposing gross dudes

In an unsettling display of internet priorities, the anonymous admin has been repeatedly shut down for trying to out abusive trolls.

by Hannah Butterworth
06 April 2016, 6:39am

All images via @commentcasanovas

For as long as there has been social media, there have been trolls messing the whole thing up. No matter if a nasty comment is cloaked as "just an opinion," a joke or observation these perverse and aggressive keyboard creeps are always gross and unwanted. While a lot of us have developed a thick online skin, anyone needing a little help managing unsolicited 'compliments' now has @commentcasanovas. It's an Instagram account dedicated to calling out lurkers and their unsettling observations.

The anonymously-run account digs up some of the many offensive comments that are buried throughout popular Instagram feeds and puts them front-and-centre. Reposting the original shots with the resulting abuse, they're attempting to dislodge the anonymity that allows people to feel comfortable leaving these comments.

A real standout was snap of Kim Kardashian alongside the comment, "I just cummed all over your Titus" from the brillaint @mike7966, who might not be a fan of the unnamed online vigilante. Not everyone is: some of the individuals named and shamed have threatened to report the admins to the police for public defamation. While their complaints are endlessly ironic they have seen the account temporarily deleted for reposting DMs from disgruntled bros.

Fortunately for all the babes out there in the cybersphere, the call-out crusader is back on the gram. But they've learn a few lessons about the logic of Instagram censorship. "I think Instagram's censorship in this instance is ridiculous" the admin commented to Galore Mag, "my aim was to bring this issue to light and cause people to think twice about posting these type of unsolicited comments in the future. The only way to change people's behaviour is for their actions to have consequences." 


Text Hannah Butterworth
Images via Instagram