​5 pieces of music you might have missed over easter

​Jesus Walks! Take your head out the egg and enjoy these five things you may have missed from the world of music this Easter.

by Matthew Whitehouse
29 March 2016, 10:35pm

Kanye West - Ultralight Prayer
As Amber Rose will tell you, if there's one thing Kanye West enjoys it's a bit of tinkering and the fun continued on Sunday with this updated version of Ultralight Beam. Renamed Ultralight Prayer, it's drop coincides with the appearance of another TLOP track, Famous, appearing on Spotify and Apple Music and this footage of the prolific tweeter dressed as a rabbit. Enjoy!

ZAYN - iT's YoU
ZAYN released a video for his capitalisation-bothering iT's YoU this weekend and what a moody affair it is. You can tell it's moody because it's in black and white. There's Zayn smoking! Zayn with a whiskey bottle next to him! Zayn surrounded by manuscripts in his California home like a frustrated Yorkshire Kerouac. A Jack Caramac. A Jack Pac-a-Mac. A Jack - oh, you get the picture…

Future & The Weeknd - Low Life
… And if all that moodiness is too much, why not enjoy this fun-packed, post-apocalyptic inspired clip from Future and The Weeknd.

Lil' Kim - Lil' Kim Season
Back in December, Kimberley "Lil' Kim" Jones told Hot 97 that she was hard at work on a new album and, now, the first tastes of fresh music are starting to appear. Hot on the heels of last month's empowering sex jam featuring Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates, the mixtape sees her freestyling over Rihanna's Work and Drake's Summer Sixteen. The clocks have gone forward and Lil' Kim season is upon us.

And finally… Elusive pop brothers A.K. and Jai Paul have shared the first release from their Paul Institute project, LANDCRUISIN', securing their position as our most favourite pop siblings since the Bedingfields. This may be the first taste of an A.K. album, but the rest, as they say, is still unwritten.


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