double tap this: instagram is going monochrome

Instagram's mature aesthetic is still getting trailled, but we'd be happy for this look to become the status quo.

by Isabelle Hellyer
29 April 2016, 7:46am

via @itsleesimpson

Listen up guys, our favourite app is getting a minor makeover. Instagram is trialling out a new look: ditching the navy blue in favour of a much chicer black and white theme. The notifications are no longer orange either, they're a gentle pink. We're feeling it. Given the ever deepening relationship between Instagram and the fashion world, a more stylish interface seems only fair. We're casting models off the app, digging up new design talent, and finding collaborators on the other side of the world—makes sense for the app to grow with us.


Right now the colour scheme is just being tested on random users across the world: common practise for the app. "We often test new experiences with a small percentage of the global community," a spokesperson explained to the told the Verge. Right now, there's no gaurentees the new design will get a full rollout, but right now, feedback is positive.