​mr porter launches sportswear section

The global retail site is getting in on the high-end performance wear market, starting today.

by Stuart Brumfitt
29 April 2015, 2:19am

Mr Porter Sport launched today, serving sportswear to its 170 global destinations. The fashion site figured out that 90% of their customers were doing sport at least once a week, 79% were doing it more than once and 54% were runners, so they were keen to cater to that market. Beyond that, there's clearly a certain masculine glamour about the sports they're covering, from cycling to tennis and golf to sailing. As well as continuing with 10 existing sports brands such as Nike, Lacoste and Patagonia, Mr Porter will be introducing 15 new ones (including Arc'teryx, Condor, Brooks England, Oakley and many more). And as well as apparel, there are goggles, gadgets and even bikes in the selection.

The site's Buying Director, Toby Bateman explained the new venture: "We know that sport and fitness are integral to our customers' interests and day-to-day lives, so beyond offering the best in men's fashion, we want to offer our global audience the best in men's sports apparel as well. In keeping with our ethos of editing only the best brands within each category, we have chosen our sport brands based primarily on their technical performance properties, but also for their style."


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