zoë kravitz will star in a gender flipped 'high fidelity' tv series

Move over John Cusack.

by Gemma Jordine
25 September 2018, 4:58am

Images from Instagram and YouTube

Another week, another classic film being rebooted as a television series by a streaming service. Next up is High Fidelity, the film that paved the way for musically-minded "nice guys", which is receiving a gender flipped tv makeover with Zoë Kravitz onboard as executive producer and star.

Disney is rebooting High Fidelity into a 10 part tv series for its upcoming streaming service, using both the original Nick Hornby book and the 2000 film as inspiration. In the gender flipped remake Zoë Kravitz will play the lead role of the ultimate music snob/cocky record store owner who both idolised and hated women, a role originated by John Cusack.

With almost 20 years passing since the last version and with a female at the centre of the story fingers-crossed High Fidelity will gain an updated perspective on gender standards. Variety is reporting that writers Veronica West and Sarah Kucserka will oversee the show, meaning they'll hopefully steer it away from the mansplaining music bro and give insight into the female viewpoint of lust, desire and dating.

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