cardi b's 'money' is the late-capitalist anthem we need

She raps about the joys of private jets and the prohibitive cost of rearing a child in America.

by Jack Sunnucks
24 October 2018, 9:24am

Two days ahead of schedule, we have Cardi B’s single Money, the first new solo material since Invasion of Privacy back in April (she has done quite a lot since then, like appearing on approximately 1,000 other artists’ songs, and, errrm, giving birth). Maybe she was timing it to coincide with the $1.6 million lottery win, or commenting on the expense of having a baby in America, but the message is universal for our beleaguered day and age — get money or die trying.

Seriously though, most of us are going to die in the pursuit of money, not from anything remotely dangerous, but from stress from sitting at a computer every day for 50 years.

“I was born to flex / Diamonds on my neck / I like boardin' jets / I like mornin' sex / But nothing in this world that I like more than checks.” Goes the chorus. Us too, tbh. Apart from jets, which give us anxiety as you can see the propellers on the wings, and can it really be that safe to take to the air in such a small vehicle? We are however safe in the knowledge that even if we don’t win the lottery, we’ll still have Money.

This article originally appeared on i-D US.

Cardi B