ashley armitage’s summer diary will leave you feeling nostalgic

This fall, photographer and Girls by Girls founder Ashley Armitage is moving away from home. Before she sets off, the 23-year-old spent a final summer with the most important people in her life, documenting each moment. Here, she shares her story.

by Ashley Armitage
07 September 2017, 11:48am

Ashley Armitage's summer diary 

This article was originally published by i-D UK.

This summer is bittersweet because I'm moving away across the country. My entire family (going back to my great-great-great grandparents) are from Seattle. I come from a big family of women, and all the ladies had children young. Because of this, I'm 23-years-old and have my great-grandma in my life. She's 88 and still has her stubborn demeanor and stubborn naturally red hair. Her name is Rose but they call her Red. My middle name is Rose.

My last few months here have been about being with the people I love. I visited my grandma Rose two weeks ago in her nursing home. She's starting to lose her memory but she still remembers me and my sister and how my great-grandpa Pat used to call us "his boys". He always wanted boys but instead he got four daughters who then collectively had five daughters. He got a family of women.

This summer has been all about spending time with the women I love and coming together to be creative. My friend Claire and I went to high school together but didn't actually become friends until we started working a day job together at a thrift store a year ago. So many of these photos are of her. This photo story is a love letter to my friends and family, who I call home.

Love letter
Ashley Armitage