10 things you should know about teresa oman

Despite moving to New York and becoming the most Tumblr'd girl ever, Teresa Oman never seems far from her Aussie beach roots.

by Michelle Huynh
09 December 2014, 10:10am

Last year Teresa Oman was crowned the queen of Tumblr as everyone with a keyboard fell in love with this dreamy, waterfall dwelling, forest nymphette. Ironically the girl who broke re-blogging records did so with photos of nature adventures and perfect sea salt hair, seeming to exist a million miles away in an Instagram post.

Now that she's packed up her tie-dye and crochet and headed to New York, we checked in to discover 10 things you should know about Teresa Oman.

1. She just turned 21 and knows how to plan a birthday. "I went to Vegas with my mum and grandma. I've planned this trip since I was 17-before I actually thought I would be living and working in the States-it was nice to finally make it happen. I bought my dresses four months in advance for different occasions!"

2. Modelling isn't all she has going on. "I fell in love with film work when I shot a commercial recently for a telephone company. We shot in Dubai, Budapest, and the US. It was a 20 day job and so challenging but a really amazing experience and so rewarding. I'm working on a secret project that's hopefully going to be a wonderful film, shooting with an Australian director over here in the states."

3. But being in a band isn't out of the question either. "I'd call it something like Mermaid Diamond Sisters-an all girl country band."

4. Americans take some getting used to. "They ask what part of Europe Australia is in. Or when you say you're from Australia they say, 'shut the door! shut the front door! no!'"

5. Her spirit animals are still Australian. "It use to be a wallaby but now it's a koala. I watched a home video of a koala climbing back up a tree-that's when I knew."

6. Despite all her travel, she keeps things simple. "I can't live without the beach, choc chip cookies, family, and friends."

7. And that goes for movies too. "My favourite movies are Austin Powers, all of them".

8. She has her Karaoke song locked down. "It's Aerosmith, 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing'"

9. But don't judge her taste on that. "Right now I'm listening to Caribou's new album and my best friend just got me into Mac DeMarco. We went to a show when he was here last week. I'm also getting into country music."

10. She's been in living in New York for five months permanently but it doesn't have everything. "I miss the beach and Australia's nice weather."


Text Michelle Huynh
Photography Michelle Huynh
Styling Karen Freire
Hair and make-up Chichi Saito @ Art Department

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