bjork, spice girls and oasis in show

Get a fix of Britpop, hip-hop and pop at the Bigger Than God exhibition.

by Tish Weinstock
18 December 2014, 10:45am

From the tour bus to the studio, Bigger Than God brings you backstage passes and access-all-areas to some of the biggest names in Britpop, hip-hop, dance, psychedelic and alternative rock, across two decades. Despite taking its cue from Liam Gallagher's grand-standing remark about Oasis being higher than the almighty, Bigger Than God provides a more humble, intimate insight into the world of music, from the photographic viewpoint of friends of the band.

Curated by theprintspace and Pax Zoega, the exhibition will include works by photographers Harry Borden, Ian Davies, Grant Flemming, Pat Pope, Chris Floyd, and Graeme Robertson, and features everyone from Jarvis Cocker and The Verve to Robbie Williams and The Spice Girls.

Bigger Than God

is showing at The Hoxton Gallery from 20th December until Tuesday 23rd December

For more information and to view and buy prints from the exhibition see here


Bjork by Harry Borden
Richard Ashcroft & Liam Gallagher by Chris Floyd
Spice Girls by Harry Borden

Spice Girls
the verve
Bigger Than God