'views from the six' has an official release date

The wait isn't long at all. It'll be yours by the end of the month.

by Isabelle Hellyer
11 April 2016, 12:27pm

Derek Hui

Aubrey Drake "Most Meme'd Boy in the Game" Graham has announced a release date for Views From the Six, his fourth studio album. Here's what we know: it will drop on April 29th, exclusive to Apple Music—and it will be no "short ting," according to the man himself. For context, his studio albums are usually just shy of 20 tracks. 

Just putting it out there—we have our money on Willow Smith featuring. After all Drake grammed a photo of the recent i-D cover star captioned "young muse" a while back. That twice-leaked Beyonce collab "Can I" might finally come out in ernest too. But most excitingly this could be the album that finally gives Drake his first Billboard Hot 100 number one. He came close with the instantly iconic "Hotline Bling," but unfortunate timing saw it go head-to-head with Adele's juggernaut "Hello." As a result the track that launched a thousand think pieces only managed to hit number two.

Watch the Views announcement video below, and props for including a shout out to Jimmy. 


Photography Derek Hui for Noisey

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