lily allen speaks out about 'victim-shaming' after stalker break-in

The singer opens up about her experience with the police department after last year’s home invasion.

by Taylor Ford
20 April 2016, 5:42pm

"I was laying in bed and we could see the door handle moving. He steams in and starts screaming and shouting 'Where is my dad? Where is my dad? What have you done you fucking bitch?' At which point, I was in shock. I didn't know who this person was."

While this sounds like a horrifying Law & Order: SVU plot line, it's the true-life testimony of Lily Allen, who recounted the most terrifying night of her life to BBC Newsnight yesterday. After a seven-year ordeal with an obsessed fan stalking her culminated in a home invasion, Allen is now speaking out about her harrowing experience dealing with London's Metropolitan Police Service to raise awareness about victim-blaming.

After reporting her attack, the 'Fuck You' singer received the ultimate fuck you in the form of an email from the Police department stating: "Due to the high profile of this matter, I feel other victims of similar crimes may have read the story and now may not have the confidence in us to report such matters."

Though her assailant was arrested, Lily clarifies that she is "not in the slightest bit angry" with the mentally ill Alex Gray, but rather frightened for the men and women who can't afford to move houses, staff a security guard or a legal team, and everyone who's been let down by the treatment of victims by the police.

"I think it's victim-shaming," she says.

Lily is working with the Women's Equality Party and National Stalking Advocacy Service Paladin, and encouraging the dialogue to continue on Twitter and break stigma this #StalkingAwarenessWeek.


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