#wewearwhatwewant is the new movement striking down body-shaming

Plus-size model Simone Mariposa began the hashtag after "I started wearing things that I have always dreamed of wearing that made me feel beautiful.”

by Annie Armstrong and i-D Staff
26 July 2016, 5:55pm

If you were one of the millions of public transit riders subjected to Protein World's terrible "Are You Beach Body Ready?" ads, then you've felt it. Women are shamed everywhere for flaunting a body that doesn't mirror those unrealistic beauty standards we get pummeled with every day. 23-year-old plus-size model Simone Mariposa finally had enough when she read through Twitter user @thesoulasylum's account of an interaction with two women body-shaming model Denise Mercedes on the beach while she was wearing a swimsuit. Mariposa knew that situation all too well, and posted a swimsuit selfie on Twitter with the caption, "I didn't ask for your opinion. #WeWearWhatWeWant."

Mariposa called her followers to action, asking, "Plus size ladies, RT with, reply to this tweet, or post your favorite outfits with the hashtag #WeWearWhatWeWant!" From there, the body-positive images came flooding in.

Mariposa told Buzzfeed, "The fat woman's experience is rarely addressed and discussed, because we are often stripped of our humanity...My body image suffered greatly from it." She continued, "I stopped wearing my legs and arms out, I stayed away from clothes that accentuated my belly fat, and I was extremely self-conscious [in] public. However, after a while, I stopped letting society dictate my wardrobe, and starting wearing things that I always dreamed of wearing that made me feel beautiful."

#WeWearWhatWeWant has had over one hundred photo responses since Mariposa posted hers three days ago, and outreach seems to only be growing. "There are countless people out there who still lack that self-love to break their own mental chains of low self-esteem," said Mariposa, "Women like us can [possibly] help to change that."

You can explore the hashtag on Twitter here, and keep up with Mariposa through her Instagram, too. 


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