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Amiel Courtin-Wilson is opening 17 years worth of archives to the public.

by i-D Staff
17 September 2015, 1:44pm

Filmmaker Amiel Courtin-Wilson spent 17 years documenting towns across the US and is now opening his extensive archive of clandestine audio recordings, intimate photographs and footage to the public in an exhibition titled The America Experiment. It's an exciting turn from an artist whose work normally lives on festival screens, not gallery walls. 

Despite the newness of the gallery setting, Amiel is no stranger to documenting the fringe. His work is largely concerned with addiction, poverty, crime, relying on non-actors to lend his stories a visceral realism: as in his short film Cicada or his feature, Hail. Amiel's documentary Barstardy shared the story of legendary actor Jack Charles, from his experience as a child of the stolen generation, to his battles with heroin addiction and subsequent return to on-screen triumph. 

Here's a preview of The America Experiment, which will open tomorrow in Australia at Melbourne's Gertrude Contemporary.


Photographs courtesy Gertude Contemporary/Amiel Courtin-Wilson

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