watch the trailer for woody allen’s tv show with miley cyrus

'Crisis in Six Scenes' is set against a backdrop of protests and the anti-war movement in 60s America.

by Charlotte Gush
08 August 2016, 12:30pm

Still taken from trailer for 'Crisis in Six Scenes'

The trailer for the first ever TV series by controversial director Woody Allen has arrived — though there's no sign yet of Miley Cyrus. The singer announced her participation in the series in January, to a mixed response from fans. The Crisis in Six Scenes trailer sets the scene in 60s America, with Woody Allen playing the very Woody Allen character, author Sidney Montzinger.

To the strains of Jefferson Airplane protest song "Volunteers" — with archive footage of demonstrators and placards that read 'PEACE NOW!' and 'All US troops out of S.E.Asian NOW!' — the revolutionary spirit on the streets is quickly undercut by Montzinger's awkward hair appointment.

'Crisis in Six Scenes' arrives September 30 on Amazon Prime.


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