leisure never looked so good: watch this supercut of cinema's best tracksuits

From The Royal Tenenbaums to Charlie's Angels, this supercut has us in tracksuit heaven.

by i-D Staff
24 March 2016, 12:50pm

Is your tracksuit of choice adidas or Juicy Couture? Velour or shiny polyester? Whatever your preferred two-piece vibe, this supercut of the best ones on film probably has it. Entitled Leisure on the Lens: Tracksuits in the Movies, the video ties together old-school film classics with mainstream blockbusters and indie hits through their shared celebration of the iconic fashion staple. From Charlie's Angels to The Royal Tenenbaums, Robert Jones and Travis Greenwood, the team behind the video, combed through more than 70 films to create this brilliant tribute. As the pair put it themselves, "nothing is more lordly than being swaddled in soft, synthetic fibers from head-to-toe." Here's to that!

Kill Bill
The Royal Tenenbaums
charlie's angels