5 leading man halloween costumes: from edward scissorhands to do the right thing

You can dig out that old Superman leotard from your storage bin for the third year in a row or, as we suggest, take this Halloween to impress your friends with your originality and cultural literacy. The silver screen has long served as a full-proof...

by i-D Staff and Clarke Rudick
29 October 2015, 3:35pm

Bill Cunningham: Bill Cunningham New York, the cult 2011 documentary, catapulted the beloved New York Times street style photographer to worldwide fame. Ever since, Cunningham's trademark uniform of a blue painter's jacket and khaki chinos has become instantly recognizable, making this Halloween the perfect occasion to bust out dad's old Nikon film camera and pay homage to the OG street style photographer.

Edward Scissorhands: Tim Burton's films are rife with iconic characters, but none more costume-able than Edward Scissorhands. Opt for Edward's suburban-chic look post-Avon Lady intervention with a black turtleneck under a white button-up shirt and a mop of greasy black hair. Get creative with the scissor hands, but remember, nothing too sharp—we wouldn't want you nicking your Halloween hookup.

Max Fischer: Rushmore follows the exploits of one Max Fischer, a precocious scholarship student at Rushmore Academy with an ill-fated crush on elementary school teacher Rosemary Cross. Although he might be a terrible student, Max is certainly a smart dresser. If you're man enough to pull off the bright red barrette, dressing up as Max will provide the perfect opportunity to indulge your inner "bon vivant."

Mookie: If you're heading for a Bed-Stuy house party this Halloween, why not show up as the neighborhood's slowest pizza delivery boy from Spike Lee's ultimate ode to Brooklyn, Do the Right Thing. Mookie's look is pretty easy, breezy (although October 31st isn't exactly "the hottest day of the year" as depicted in the classic 1989 film): a Jackie Robinson Dodgers jersey, basketball shorts, a Sal's Famous Pizzeria box, and a snail-like pace. You should probably hold off on rocking those new Jordan IV's, as Mookie's BFF Buggin Out learned the hard way when a neighborhood newbie scuffed the shit out of his beloved kicks.

Donnie Darko: Starring a young Jake Gyllenhaal, Donnie Darko is the cult-classic film about a disturbed high-schooler with visions of a large bunny rabbit named Frank. Before Miley Cyrus's "Twerk Unicorn" made the onesie ubiquitous, Donnie Darko's iconic skeleton playsuit was the reigning pop-culture onepiece. Paired with a grey hoodie (the wardrobe stable of angsty teenagers everywhere), you'd be hard pressed to find a more comfortable costume for all of your Halloween festivities. 


Text Clarke Rudick
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