exclusive: watch eagulls perform 'skipping' and check out its frontman's new zine

Today, the buzzy band of Leeds post-punks releases its sophomore full-length ‘Ullages.’ We’re celebrating by premiering some gripping, gritty session footage of its propulsive single ‘Skipping.’

by Emily Manning
13 May 2016, 1:30pm

Last month, we got to know Leeds-based five-piece Eagulls on the eve of its tour-opening show in London, where the band took the depressingly melodic tracks that compose its sophomore album, Ullages, for a test drive. Today, Ullages arrives in all of its ominous, gloomy glory, and to celebrate, the band has shared a session performance of its brilliantly layered single Skipping exclusively with us.

Speaking to i-D, frontman George Mitchell described his second album's sound as wrongly beautiful. "You know when you go into an art gallery and you look at something that's really bleak and it's disgusting to some people," he mused, "but it's beautiful. It's dark beauty." The art analogy is fitting; George has just released Procrastination Compilation, a new, limited press zine of his original sketches that launched last night at Leeds' Village bookshop. 

"Procrastination Compilation is a number of drawings/collages taken from the pages of my sketchbook from January 2016," George says in a handwritten statement emailed to i-D. "When I'm not moaning down a microphone or stuck in a van on the M1, I'm usually engrossed in an ongoing art project which has little sense and no meaning at all. I sit around doing drawing after drawing and painting after painting with no finishing goal in mind. So it just feels like this is not real work, it's just me procrastinating, wasting time."

Much like his music, the drawings exhibit a sense of off-kilter poetry: Daniel Johnston and David Shrigley-esque humor couched in an expressive and intuitive visual style. "The release of Ullages gave me a reason to compile this body of procrastination to show the world," George continues. "It's nothing special. Just a load of squiggles processed and filtered through my sieve like brain, but I suppose someone might enjoy it, instead of just letting it rot away in my moldy sketchbook graveyard. I hope you enjoy it." 

Tonight, the band ushers in Ullages' release with a hometown show at Leeds' Brudenell Social Club, before heading to Glasgow on Monday.

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