edina and patsy will wear vivienne westwood and shrimps in 'ab fab: the movie'

Take a peek into the new wardrobes of Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone ahead of summer's most fabulous film release.

by Hannah Ongley
18 March 2016, 5:08pm

Edina Monsoon turned Christian Lacroix from a designer into an affirmation of fabulousness ("It's Lacroix, sweetie. Lacroix") in one of the most infamous scenes from Absolutely Fabulous during the show's 90s reign. Will she now make Hannah Weiland and Giles Deacon synonymous with age-inappropriateness and brilliantly unapologetic self-obsession?

As Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley gear up to blaze back onto (big) screens when Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie hits cinemas on July 1, THR has taken a peek inside the wardrobes of the film's label-hungry leading ladies. Costume designer Rebecca Hale, aka Person With the Best Job Ever, said the new film will account for the fact that times (and runways) have changed. "When Jennifer initially approached me about the film, I thought: 'Fashion has gotten so outrageous now. We can't have Edina walking around in pompoms like we used to. We have to be a bit more clever than that.' On the show, I always wanted an essence of street — the hard-core roots of British fashion — but I was aware that now high fashions are more outrageous than Ab Fab ever was," she told THR

But while we probably won't witness a reprise of Eddie's silver, skirt-inclusive tracksuit, this doesn't mean she's going normcore. Hannah Weiland of colorful faux fur brand Shrimps has lent some pieces to the movie, while OG British fashion anarchist Vivienne Westwood has created custom outfits. In one scene Eddie wears a tight purple Westwood skirt suit with a tie to complement her mid-life crisis.

Lumley's Patsy, meanwhile, has been hitting up H&M and Zara. "That's the brilliant thing about Joanna: She looks great in high street," Hale says. "Patsy was always more of a classic dresser — she was never as outrageous as Edina. Everything Joanna wears in the film harkens back to Patsy of the '90s: She's trying terribly hard to be chic and sort of pulling it off." Of course Patsy will have the requisite cigarettes and champagne on hand, and who needs expensive tailoring with timeless accessories like those? 

The film's stylish guest stars include Kate Moss, Stella McCartney, and Game of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie. Kim Kardashian, contrary to reports, will not make a cameo. She does get a nod though: Edina's bedazzled oversized Alexis Bittar brooch reads, "Reality TV Makes Me Sad."


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