how denmark is working to end anorexia among models

The Scandinavian country signs a new charter calling for the psychological and physical evaluation of all Danish models.

by i-D Staff
08 May 2015, 7:35pm

Denmark's renewed Danish Fashion Ethical Charter, a set of stringent rules concerning model wellbeing, means industry officials will be clamping down on brands and their disregard for the general health of the models they hire. Under these new rules, all models must be over 16 and subjected to psychological and physical evaluation prior to being hired. They must also be receive proper wages for their services as opposed to fobbing them off with gifted samples and false promises, while any brand that actually wishes to show their collections at Copenhagen Fashion Week must sign the charter, which already boasts over 300 signatures. 

Unlike the most recent French law—which bans models with a BMI below 18 from its runways, while charging modeling agencies and fashion houses who hire them with fines or even jail time—the Danish Fashion Ethical Charter isn't government sanctioned. Instead, it's upheld by trade associations including the Danish Fashion Institute and WEAR, along with eight of the largest modeling agencies in Denmark, Model Union, and the Danish Association Against Eating Disorders and Self Harm. The fact that the industry is taking upon itself to affect change as opposed to having an official law thrust upon it is incredibly reassuring. Let's hope more countries follow suit.