If you could be friends with anyone in the fashion industry, who would you choose?

I'll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour, I'll be there for you, like I've been there before! Friends teach you a lot in life - about themselves, and whether you want to hear it or not, about yourselves. Life is a game best played in good...

by i-D Team
30 July 2014, 3:25pm

Hedvig, Sam and Maggie wear all clothing Maison Martin Margiela Couture.

"I love meeting and learning from everyone. I'm still the new girl, I have a lot to learn." Amanda Murphy

"I wish I could have been friends with Yves Saint-Laurent, I feel like I have a lot in common with him. It seems he felt like a paradox and that he wasn't connected to his time. That's how I often feel. Aymeline Valade

"I think to be true friends you need to get to know each other very well. I like to think that I could be friends with Riccardo Tisci." Dalianah Arekion Fernandez

"Muccia Prada. Besides being an outstanding designer she seems to be an interesting person who thinks beyond fashion. Or Karl Lagerfeld. He has done so much that I admire! " Hedvig Palm

"That's a hard one. There's so many individuals that I would want to be friends with." Joan Smalls

"It would be really cool if I could have been friends with Coco Chanel. She is such an influential person in fashion and had such ambition and determination. Being friends with someone that iconic would be pretty awesome!" Juliana Shurig

"Anna Wintour, because she's a queen. It'd be amazing just to know what she's thinking." Kayley Chabot

"Perhaps Karl Lagerfeld... I mean he just looks cool with his ponytail and his sunglasses and the way he always wears a suit. Yeah." Maggie Maurer

"I'm friends with a lot of people I've met whilst working, I just enjoy meeting new people." Sam Rollinson


Photography Jamie Hawkesworth
Fashion Director Charlotte Stockdale

Hair Shon at Julian Watson Agency
Make-up Hiromi Ueda at Julian Watson Agency using YSL
Nail technician Zarra Celik using Topshop
Prop stylist Poppy Bartlett at The Magnet Agency
Production Lucie Newbegin at M.A.P
Fashion contributor Katie Lyall
Photography assistance Meshach Roberts, Dale Cutts
Styling assistance Melissa Simpemba
Hair assistance Rogerio da Silva
Make-up assistance Yuko Murakami
Processing Rapid Eye and Grade One
Models Sam Rollinson and Aymeline Valade at Select.
Kayley Chabot and Hedvig Palm at Next. Maggie Maurer at IMG. Maisie Williams at Louise Johnston Management
Special thanks to The Brookland Museum

Joan Smalls
Jamie Hawkesworth
Charlotte Stockdale
Hedvig Palm
Aymeline Valade
kayley chabot
maggie maurer
sam rollinson
amanda murphy
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