​the model zone is an oasis of calm in the london fashion week storm

Originated by Erin O’Connor, the BFC’s space for models to chill during the seasonal fashion whirlwind provides food, yoga classes and expert advice.

by Charlotte Gush
18 September 2015, 2:07pm

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Never mind the calm before the storm: during the whirlwind that is fashion month, what models really need is calm inside its eye. That's just what the British Fashion Council's Model Zone will provide during London Fashion Week.

Hosted at the May Fair Hotel, a 15 minute walk from the Brewer Street Car Park show space, the Model Zone will serve breakfast provided by the hotel every morning from 11, and lunch at four intervals throughout the day. It will also offer massages and facials from Weleda, yoga classes and time with psychologists and other experts.

The Model Zone originated with an initiative started independently by model Erin O'Connor in 2008. Called The Model Sanctuary, it ran for 9 seasons before being taken over by the British Fashion Council.

"The BFC is committed to model welfare and are more than happy to engage in tackling any issues regarding best practice and diversity at London Fashion Week," says CEO Caroline Rush. "We encourage a focus on looking after models, encourage health and wellbeing with healthy food and drink provided backstage at shows… The [Model Zone] schedule includes exercises to encourage healthy living and relax from the stress from shows".

All model agencies have been informed about the space, but models taking part in London Fashion Week can contact the British Fashion Council for more information.

The BFC also highlighted its commitment to diversity, explaining that while they it does not conduct model castings or book models for shows, it does "pro-actively encourage all participating designers, from global brands to independent labels, to recognize and reflect London's diversity in fashion shows, presentations and advertising".


Text Charlotte Gush
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