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As Ellen Page introduces her new girlfriend and Rosie O’Donnell wifes up Tatum O’Neill, we celebrate, in no particular order, some of our favorite female couples…

by Hattie Collins
24 September 2015, 6:31pm

Edith Windsor and Thea Spyer
Ok, I said in no particular order, but I lied, because these two babes are the best couple ever, of any sexuality/gender/binary combination you may care to mention. New Yorkers Edith Windsor and Thea Spyer, the most gorgeous, brilliant women to walk planet earth, were together for 42 years before Spyer passed away in 2009 (she had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1977, upon which Edith became her full-time carer). Edie and Thea met at the Portofino restaurant in Greenwich Village in 1963, when Edie was an IBM programmer and Thea a doctor of Psychology. The two wore holes in their socks by dancing the night away and got engaged shortly after. Except same-sex marriage wasn't legal then. When Thea died (a month after which Edie had a heart attack from grief), Edith was ordered to pay over $600,000 in estate taxes to the federal government and New York State - because their union wasn't recognized by law. Edie appealed and appealed and in 2013, the US passed a law to allow same sex couples estate tax benefits. Read their glorious story in full in this NYU Alumni feature and this brilliant interview with Edie here.

Ellen and Portia
Despite scurrilous rumor and conjecture, Hollywood's Ultimate Power Couple™ remain very much together. The pair underscored their rocksteady relationship recently by showing up to DeGeneres's pop-up for Bergdorf Goodman - ED by Ellen - dressed in matching suits. Gross (but also a bit cute) (but also a bit gross). Degeneres and the Ally McBeal actress originally got together 11 years ago after meeting at a photoshoot, dumping their respective partners with immediate effect. "My knees were weak," Portia later swooned of their initial encounter.

Ruby Rose and Phoebe Dahl
When episode six of OITNB hit Netflix and the world met Piper's new love interest Stella, you could hear the collective sigh of girls who love girls the world over; who was this woman and which God had sent her to us? Emotions reached fever pitch when it was revealed the Australian actress was an IRL lesbian - but alas, her heart belonged to another. The fresh-faced Dahl, an ethical clothing designer and granddaughter of Roald, is the ying to Rose's heavily tattooed, brylcreamed badself. The pair met in 2014 at a BBQ thrown by Dahl and it was, says Dahl, love at first sight. The pair got engaged three months later but have had to put wedding plans on hold due to Ruby's recent success.

Jenny Shimizu and Angelina Jolie
We're amazed Planet Earth continued to spin when those two got together in 1996. Jolie fell in love at first sight (are we noticing a theme here?) with Shimizu on the set of indie flick Firefox, and later said she would have married her (had she not already been, well, married to Johnny Lee Miller). There probably hasn't been a hotter couple before or since, but alas it wasn't to be, though Shimzu spoke of the "deep connection" they shared long after splitting up. In a twist of fate, both recently married their current partners within days of each other; Jolie to Brad Pitt and Shimizu to brand consultant Michelle Harper. Jenny invited Jolie but turns out Angie was, uh, busy.

Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin
After meeting at NYFW in 2014, this ten month long relationship between model and rapper was short but sweet - and seemingly pretty passionate. They got matching 'we can be heroes' tats and provided plenty of very public proclamations of love: 'we r infinite' (Baldwin), 'trying to escape a body that is void of your touch. I need you that much' (Haze) and 'in love with your soul' (bookended by skull emojis in case anything was thinking Haze had lost all cool). Right before their break-up, Haze wrote a song, Canlxs, about her beau but was forced to tweet "lol at my life break up with someone immediately after u put out a love song about them." 'Bald Angel' were no more. After the split, Baldwin checked herself into rehab for emotional trauma, while Haze got busy Instagramming herself looking totally hot and totally not all bothered, not one tiny bit, I'm just having the best time ever and the most fun possible. However, after being snapped together last week leaving a club in New York, maybe a reunion is on the cards and the Bald Angel will once again soar. Maybe.

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry
She's the hitmaking machine known for Christina Aguilera's Beautiful and Pink's Let Get This Party Started (and for being in 4 Non Blonds); she's the former curly-haired child star known for throwing serious shade on Roseanne. The pair met in 2011, shortly after breaking up with previous partners, and have since married and welcomed their first child together, Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry.

Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner
The super cool couple met in 1971 after working on a comedy album, and went on to work together on several movies. Unfortunately, as was indicative of the entertainment industry back then (and still), they remained in the closet for decades; Tomlin has spoken since about her regret for not talking more openly about the relationship in the beginnings. In happier news, the pair finally tied the knot on New Year's Eve 2013 after a smooth 42 years together.

Alice Walker and Tracey Chapman
This totally passed me by at the time, which is weird because I was obsessed by both Fast Car (weren't we all) and The Color Purple, but this was the mid-90s and it was a busy decade. Walker had a lovely chat with the Guardian in 2006 in which she laughed off suggestion the two had kept their relationship quiet. "That's because you didn't live in our area… " describing their time together as "delicious and lovely and wonderful…" which is possibly one of the best ways we've ever heard a coupling described.

Amanda Moore and Kate Young
Regular i-D model Amanda Moore and former Vogue writer Kate were fashion's favorite It couple and even featured in the New York Times' Sexiest Couple list of 2003. We don't know what Moore is doing these days, but holla babes, yeah?

Sandra Bernhard and Madonna
Just LOL.

Lindsey Lohan and Sam Ronson
Man, we miss those guys and those days.

Alice and Tasha ('The L Word')
No list of lesbians would be complete without at least one mention of The L Word, and though these last two aren't IRL we really wish they were. While it's a toss up between the obvious Bette and Tina, the doomed Shane and Carmen, the earnest Dana and Lara or the true love of Shane and Shane, we'll go for the complex coupling of scowly military reserve Tasha and wacky radio host Alice. When Tasha rode into Alice's life on her Harley, a million hearts melted, as did Alice's. Their love wasn't to be however; Tasha decided she had to fight for her right to fight and headed back to Iraq making Alice very sad. The doomed lovers spent their last night together on the beach staring into the sunrise accompanied, in true L Word sonic style, by Pink and the Indigo Girls.

Cleo and Ursula from Set It Off
Queen Latifah was way ahead of her time with this 1996 role. In probably one of the Best Films Everä, car mechanic (sure she is) Cleo (Latifah), is trailed around by an entirely silent but nonetheless total blond babe Ursula (Samantha MacLachlan) who says not one word throughout. Not even when polishing Latifah's hood. Would we have liked to see Latifah dump mute Ursula for feisty Stony (played by Jada Pinkett)? Hell yeah. That would have really set us off.

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