what's the best thing about being bill murray? bill murray sounds off

The actor talks about the secret to life, Wes Anderson and what he said to Andy Warhol.

by Claire Le
22 October 2015, 1:48pm

While he's not busy filming Sofia Coppola specials, funny guy Bill Murray recently took to Reddit AMA to answer your all important questions. Promoting his new movie Rock the Kasbah, the actor gave insight into filming with Wes Anderson ("I give nothing to the movie but I'm good company") and saying dumb stuff to Andy Warhol ("He looked at me like 'You don't belong here.'"). Here's what we learned: 

On the best party he's crashed…
"We crashed a famous party called the subway party in the 70s. It was biggest party ever in NYC at the time. You couldn't get into this party. It was an inner circle thing. It was at an enclosed subway stop, it was a roar. It was a scream. And we felt like we didn't belong at all. It was so fantastic. I have compassion when people say dumb stuff to me. I said to Andy Warhol 'I love the soup can' and he looked at me like 'You don't belong here.' What a time that was."

On what it's like to work with Wes Anderson…
"I don't know what I bring to the movies, I bring to it, what he writes. I think I gave him confidence and I fought the people who were ugly on set. I said 'don't worry about this thing, I'll make sure this shot happens.' We have a lot of fun. He loves to live well and he loves to eat. He hires a cook, but basically means you can work 18 hours, somewhere around 7:30 and then he wants three more scenes and you're doing the math, then you eat dinner at midnight and its great but you gotta work til 10 and then you are waiting to shower, you're woozy. Then you go to sleep. I give nothing to the movie but I'm good company."

On the reality show he would appear on…
"Flavor Of Love. The idea that he had some of the most -- I would consider maybe not the most desirable women in the world -- they were really nutty. I mean really crazy. I'd think The Amazing Race. It was like a show I watched in Paris, similar to that. One episode I saw, they had to fight their way to the top of a hotel in Singapore, and answer impossible questions. I used to watch it just to see people completely fall apart. They would try to answer, and it would kill them. But The Amazing Race looks like a lot of fun. You get to go to a bunch of places. It calls on all your skills. I tell people, if you want to get married, travel around the world first. Cause then you get to know people better. It's a test of wills to travel. I think The Amazing Race would be fun."

On what's the best/worst thing about being Bill Murray…
"They're one in the same: you wish you could walk down the street and look at things and watch things uninterrupted. The shock of being recognized brings you out of this place where you're just trying to take it in. Its an obligation and you're reminded you have to show up. It's a coin with two sides. As much as I don't like the one side, the other side is what might save me."

On what's the secret to life…
"If I tell you, it's not a secret, right? Think of what you said. Then I'm not the person who can keep a secret. You almost tricked me, its not going to happen. Unless I have a couple of drinks."


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